Wolfpack on the road.

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The #9 NC State Wolfpack Women’s Basketball team is on the road for a game tonight at 7PM against #24 Florida Seminoles in Tallahassee, FL. What can we expect to see in this matchup? The Pack has the advantage, they have defeated the Seminoles in their last two meetings. The Seminoles are also a young team, having graduated five starters last season, but a good one with a 19-3 record this season.

This is the 45th meeting of these two ACC teams, both looking to solidify their positions in the conference. We expect a defensive matchup like no other and perhaps a low scoring game. These are two of the best defensive rebounding teams in the ACC and we don’t expect a lot of follow up shots. Will this game come down to shots from beyond the lane? Perhaps, but driving the basket and getting the ball to fall or draw the foul could be the difference maker. Both teams are good from the three-point line and even better at the fowl line. This game will come down to who can get more defensive rebounds, draw fouls, and make the deep shots.

Factors for NC State:
– Elissa Cunane must get play time and stay out of foul trouble. She wins under the basket.
– Aislinn Konig must hit three-point shots with confidence.
– Erika Cassell must get rebounds.

If two of those three can do their part and stay out of foul trouble, then the Wolfpack can walk away with another win.

Factors for Florida State:
– Get defensive rebounds
– Steal the ball (the Wolfpack is struggling this year protecting the ball)
– Big shots, gotta hit the three.

If Florida State can get rebounds and steals, they stand a chance to run up the score on NC State and force them to make mistakes.

These are two great teams, both looking to make their mark in the ACC this season. Expect an exception game, but a low scoring one.

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