NC State falls to UNC in Chapel Hill

February 02 - RALEIGH, NC: North Carolina State Wolfpack guard Devon Daniels (24) dribbles the ball during the game between NC State and Virginia Tech at the PNC Arena in RALEIGH, NC. (Photo by Chris Nelson/NC Sports News)

Although the NC State Wolfpack put up 96 points, it was not enough to get the win against a powerful #8 UNC Tarheel team who scored 113 points. So you would think that based on the score the game was a close contest but the fact is that UNC just about lead this game from start to finish. What was the factor in this game that seemed to bite the Pack in the backside? A quick look at the stats shows you all you need to know.

The Tarheels amassed 41 rebounds to the Pack’s 27, and where 15-24 at the fowl line while the Heels went 31-37… that’s 20% better. The Pack also seemed sluggish getting down the court, the Heels are fast but not that fast. The Pack also did not complete their drives into the lane, almost like they were second guessing themselves. The key stat to look at on the score card though is the FG line. The Heels took less shots but put up more points… that is confidence.

The Pack needs to fix whatever is broken. In my last post I talked about how Wyatt Walker needed to step up and be a factor in this game. The problem is that Walker is finding himself in foul trouble more and more often and it shows as he only played for 15 minutes. There was only one other player on the team, Blake Harris, that put in less time on the court. Walker scored 8 points, going 4-5, but he has to have more time on the court to be a difference maker.

So my advise for the Pack? Complete your drives in the lane, don’t second guess yourself. Fight for rebounds. Get back on defense, you are getting beat back down the court and it’s costing you. Watch your foul count, if you are not on the court then you can’t score points or get turnovers.

The Pack has lost two in a row now and have to find a way to get back on track. They are on the road to Pitt next and pulled out a 86-80 win at the meet earlier this season. They will be back in Raleigh to play Syracuse at the PNC Arena on Feb. 13 so hopefully they can get something going here soon.

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